Site Decorating Winners 2019

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Week 1

First Place: The Richendollar Family from Louisville, KY

Second Place: The Clemons Family from Sellersburg, IN

Third Place: The Campbell Family from Bridgeport, IL

Week 2

First Place: The Wiegman Family

Second Place: The Turner Family

Third Place: The Derringer Family

Fourth Place: The Nussmeyer Family

Week 3

First Place: The Rexing Family

Second Place: The Hancock Family

Third Place: The Schneider Family

Week 4

First Place: The Dietrich Family

Second Place: The Combs Family

Third Place: The Richards Family

Fourth Place: The Miller Family

Week 5

First Place:  Ojeda Family, O’Fallon, IL

Second Place: Roberts Family, Newburgh, IN

Third Place: Latham Family, Washington, IN

Week 6

First Place: The Barber Family from Oldham County, KY

Second Place: The Hale Family from Hopkinsville, KY

Third Place: The Nord Family from Jasper, IN

Week 7