Site Decorating Contest

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Decorate your site or rental with the most original and creative Halloween décor you can find … you might win a prize! The best decorated sites and rentals will win great prizes like free camping and more!

What To Know

Judging takes place on Saturday evenings anytime from 4:00 – 7:30pm CT. Here’s a hint … original creative lighting and displays score more points with our judges! Winners are announced right after the costume contest that begins at 7:30pm and before the dance at the SplashDown Bathhouse near the pool.

  • First Place: $150 Lake Rudolph gift card
  • Second Place: $125 Lake Rudolph gift card
  • Third Place: $75 Lake Rudolph gift card
  • Honorable Mentions: $20 Lake Rudolph gift card

A Few Rules

  • For the safety of our guests we ask that you do not simulate any live hangings
  • If you use a chainsaw as a prop the chain must be removed
  • Please do not use any paint or silly string on Lake Rudolph trees or property
  • Do not use duct tape or scotch tape on any rentals or golf cars. Masking tape or painters tape only please.

View the photo gallery of 2018 site decorating winners

View the photo gallery of 2019 site decorating winners