Santa’s SplashDown WaterPark

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Looking for an extra activity the day before or after Holiday World? Santa’s SplashDown WaterPark is just the ticket! Our water park features two large inner tube slides and RainDeer WaterWorks water playground. Two more slides called Candy Cane Cascades will be opening during 2021 at a date to be determined. Santa’s SplashDown is conveniently located on the Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort property, adjacent to Blitzen Bay Pool. Wristbands are required and available at the WaterPark entrance building. Open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. Please call ahead for specific schedule in August/September. 

42″ and taller:  $10.00 per person
36″ up to 42″:   $5.00 per person
Under 36″:         

  • Minimum height is 42″ to ride the two big slides and Candy Cane Cascades
  • Minimum height is 36″ to ride the small slides on RainDeer WaterWorks
  • Under 36″ can enjoy Dasher Splasher Splash Pad and RainDeer Waterworks but are restricted from riding any of the slides

*Note: Blitzen Bay Pool and Baby Blitzen Pool are located outside of the WaterPark and they are free for all guests. Dasher Splasher is also free for kids under 36″ tall. 
*Rates subject to change. 


RAINDeer WaterWorks!

RainDeer WaterWorks opened in 2020 with water slides, interactive water games, and guests getting drenched every few minutes by thousands of gallons of water from the giant Rudy bucket! Your family can also rent a new Cabana where you can lounge in the shade and watch your kids play!

New and Opening during 2021, Candy Cane Cascades, two new colorful waterslides located next to RainDeer WaterWorks. Due to manufacturing delays, an opening date is still being determined.

Relax in the shade at our new Cabana Rentals located at RainDeer WaterWorks and Candy Cane Cascades. Cost is $55 per day. Purchase or reserve one day prior at the water park entrance booth.

Santa’s SplashDown also features two large inner tube water slides for kids and adults. YUKON is partially enclosed with a length of 344 feet. MOONRACER is fully enclosed and 296 feet long.