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Halloween Weekend #2 Photos



Speakin’ Pirate-like

To help you get ready for our Halloween Weekends I thought we’d share some common pirate terms. These should help you put together a nice, rounded vocabulary for your stay here at Lake Rudolph.
  • Ahoy: Hey!
  • Avast: Stop!
  • Aye: Yes
  • Black spot: to be ‘placin’ the black spot’ be markin’ someone for death.
  • Booty: treasure
  • Buccaneer: a pirate who be answerin’ to no man or blasted government.
  • Cat o’ nine tails: whip for floggin’ mutineers
  • Corsair: a pirate who be makin’ his berth in the Med-…Medi-…that sea ‘tween Spain and Africa, aye!
  • Davy Jones’ Locker: the bottom o’ the sea, where the souls of dead men lie
  • Doubloons: pieces of gold…
  • Fiddlers Green: the private heaven where pirates be goin’ when they die.
  • Gentlemen o’ fortune: a slightly more positive term fer pirates!
  • Grog: A pirate’s favorite drink.
  • Jack: a flag or a sailor
  • Jolly Roger: the skull and crossbones, the pirate flag!
  • Landlubber: “Land-lover,” someone not used to life onboard a ship.
  • Lass: A woman.
  • Lily-livered: faint o’ heart
  • Matey: A shipmate or a friend.
  • Me hearty: a friend or shipmate.
  • Me: My.
  • Pieces o’ eight: pieces o’ silver which can be cut into eights to be givin’ small change.
  • Privateer: a pirate officially sanctioned by a national power
  • Scallywag: A bad person. A scoundrel.
  • Scurvy dog!: a fine insult!
  • Shiver me timbers!: an exclamation of surprise, to be shouted most loud.
  • Sprogs: raw, untrained recruits
  • Squadron: a group of ten or less warships
  • Swashbucklin’: fightin’ and carousin’ on the high seas!
  • Thar: The opposite of “here.”
  • Walk the plank: this one be bloody obvious.
  • Wench: a lady, although ye gents not be wantin’ to use this around a lady who be stronger than ye.
  • Yo-ho-ho: Pirate laughter
And remember …
  • Use a lot of adjectives … pirates never speak of “a big ship”, they call it a “great, grand ship!” They never say never, they say “No nay ne’er!”
  • Drop your “g”‘s when you speak and you’ll get words like “rowin'”, “sailin'” and “fightin'”. Dropping all of your “v”‘s will get you words like “ne’er”, “e’er” and “o’er”.
  • Instead of saying “I am”, say, “I be”. Instead of saying “You are”, sailors say, “You be”. Instead of saying, “They are”, say, “They be”. Always speak in the present tense.
– We be thanking for the list.

Arrrr, ye Salty Sea Dog!

Rudolph be takin’ on a  new character this Halloween. He be a little more gruff and rough around tha’ edges. A little more salty ye may say, as in Salty Sea Dog. And he be sportin’ a eye patch an’ sailin’ a great, grand ship. Yo ho ho!

He be Pirate RedNose of Lake Rudolph … the most fearsome pirate ta’ sail th’ black seas! Aye, now there be a scurvy dog if I e’er saw one.

Th’ scallywag be featured on th’ new Halloween T-Shirt, in full pirate garb. Make sure ta purchase one when ye arrive fer Halloween Weekends. They be available fo’ purchase in the Camp Store.

Ye don’t have ta’ spend all yer booty; they be affordable for the whole squadron  at $11.95 and $13.95 each, plus tax. And ye be havin’ a choice … short or long sleeve. Black, pre-shrunk 100% cotton T-shirts and they be available in these sizes: Salty Sea Dog (Adult), Matey (Youth) and Jim Lad (Toddler).

So … set yer sails fer Lake Rudolph … and we be seein’ ye at Halloween Weekends! Arrrr!