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Spring Camping “Cleaning”

Deluxesite-1Spring isn’t too far away and it’s time to shake out the cobwebs and break out your camping gear! Let’s share tips on getting your gear ready for the upcoming camping season.

Your camping gear has been stored for a while and it’s good to check everything over to make sure it’s in tip top shape before heading out to your favorite campground. The same goes for your RV … a routine maintenance check is a must.

Spring Camping Cleaning Tips:

1. Give your tent the once over. Make sure it doesn’t have any holes. Check it over for mold or mildew. Check the zippers and look over all the seams to make sure they don’t need to be re-sealed.

2. Fire up the stove. Make sure it is still working and give it a good cleaning; even if you cleaned it well before putting it in storage. If you didn’t clean it thoroughly before putting it in storage that’s something you should consider doing at the end of this season.

3. Survey the sleeping bags. Break ’em out and check them over for any smells, mold or mildew, etc. Look carefully to make sure there are no rips or tears and check that the zippers work. Give them a good washing.

4. First Aid. Make sure all the supplies are up to date for your First Aid kit. Check that nothing needs to be replaced or replenished.

5. RV & Vehicle Maintenance. It’s a must to have your RV serviced and checked by a professional before heading out on the open road. You’ll also want to re-check all fluids, tire pressure, battery, filters, spark plugs, etc. before you head out; especially if you had it serviced earlier in the season. The same goes for your vehicle if you’re taking one. Have it checked over as well. Don’t forget to also check the interior of your RV, for insects or deterioration and damage.