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Rudy’s Recipe: Orange Half Muffins

It’s a bit rainy today, but hopefully this recipe will make things a little brighter.

I love oranges so anytime I have the change to make something with oranges I do. Wanted to share this neat recipe I came across as our Rudy’s Recipe this week … Orange Half Muffins.

Orange Half Muffins

You Need:

– Oranges
– Instant muffin mix
– Aluminum foil

Make ‘Em:

Cut an orange in half and take out the insides.

Put prepared muffin mix in one half of the orange. Put the other half back on the orange and wrap aluminum foil around the whole thing.

Put in hot coals or on a rack to bake the muffin inside of the orange shell. Very tasty and gives the muffin a zesty orange taste!

– Recipe courtesy of DNR Favorite Campfire Recipes

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