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Ride the Golf Car, Get Candy

Hoot-owlHave you ever asked your little kiddos what they think you do at work? A few nights ago I came home from work and my two year old (she’ll be three next month) asked if I’d had a good day. Here’s how the conversation went …

Addy: Mommy! You’re home! Have a good day at work?

Me: I did baby. Did you have fun with mamaw?

Addy: Uh-huh. We painted, and played, and watched Dora … Mommy? Whatcha do at work?

Me: What do you think I do at work? You’ve been to mommy’s office before.

Addy: You ride the golf car and get candy! Whole lot candy!

Well, the truth is out there folks. All I really do at work is ride the golf car and get candy. What a hoot! By the way that’s her in the owl costume. 🙂

I know this comes from our Halloween Weekends, which she is usually present for six out of the seven. It cracked me up that she thinks this is what I do all day long!

I have to state that for the record while I’m riding the golf car and getting candy (I’m not passing on Milk Duds or Dots), I’m also taking photos and video. So there!


One Response to “Ride the Golf Car, Get Candy”

  1. You don’t fool us, Laura – we know what you do all day! Way to “out” Mom, Addy!

    Great blog post. 🙂

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