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Rudy’s Recipe: Cinnamon Bears

Rudy’s recipe this week is Cinnamon Bears. Yesterday, Dave (our marketing director) and I traveled to Evansville to be on the 14Xtra segment on WFIE Channel 14. We took some items from our campstore for show and tell and gave some camping tips to kick off the season! We had fun.

One of the items that we took to share was  a snack and sandwich maker.

Dave mentioned before we went on air that he uses it to make Cinnamon Bears. That started a conversation with the anchors and then we ended up talking about it on air. Here’s how you make ’em!

Cinnamon Bears

What You Need:
– Can of biscuits
– Butter (squeeze butter works best)
– Cinnamon & Sugar; mixed together
– Campfire Treats Snack & Sandwich Maker (sold in our camp store)

Make ‘Em:

Lay out all the biscuits. Roll them until they are about 2 inches around and 2½ inches long.

Next, put three biscuits in the snack & sandwich maker and put them over your campfire. Keep them on one side for a bit and then flip them over … you’ll have to watch them carefully and judge when they start to resemble normal biscuits.

Once they’re ready remove them from the fire and take them out of the snack maker. Pull them apart.  Squeeze the butter over each one; make sure it the butter covers both sides. Sprinkle your desired amount of cinnamon and sugar over them and enjoy.

We’re sure you’ll be just fine with having these little bears at your campsite!

2 Responses to “Rudy’s Recipe: Cinnamon Bears”

  1. Shelly says:

    I will definitely be trying this! I make campfire pies with my sandwich maker too!! They are a huuuuuuuuge hit!!!

  2. […] Pie Iron: Same gadget as a sandwich maker. […]

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