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Moving Day Photos

Well, folks D-Day (Moving Day) came and went. We are officially moved into the new office. We’re still moving things here and there, but the majority of us are situated and organizing our offices.

Sandra, our IT Administrator setting up Kelly’s computer.

Abby, our Bookkeeping Assistant, waiting on her new desk to arrive.

Dave, our Marketing Director, showing off his talent of talking on two phones at once. Impressive.

Savannah, our Call Center Manager, behind her new desk in the lobby.

The lobby is even all warm and cozy with the fireplace.

Kelly, our Bookkeeper, sitting proudly behind her desk.

And last, but not least I was able to snap a photo of our General Manager, Wayne, all settled into his office.

2 Responses to “Moving Day Photos”

  1. Melissa says:

    I love the pic of Dave! He is a multi-tasker! But where is his Martina McBride poster?

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