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Free WiFi

Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort has partnered with TengoInternet to provide high speed WiFi internet access to our campground guests. WiFi is free and covers nearly every site and rental in the resort.

Steps to Connect to the WiFi

1. Turn on your computer or restart if it is on standby.
2. Enable your WiFi adapter and make sure it is turned on.
3. Connect to the TengoInternet WiFi network.

Windows XP: Right-click on the wireless connection icon in your system tray, next to the clock, and left-click on “View Available Wireless Networks”.
Windows Vista: Click Start then click “Connect To”.
Windows 7: Open “Connect to a Network” by clicking the network icon or in the system tray.
Mac OS X: Click the Airport icon on your menu bar.

4. Select the TengoInternet Network and Click “Connect”
5. Open your browser (example: Internet Explorer)

Note:  If the welcome page does not appear, erase everything in the address bar and type:

6. Follow On-screen instructions to register and access the internet.
7. Login if you are an existing TengoInternet customer.

TengoInternet will be glad to answer your questions and help you with any problems you may be having using our WiFi system … Please call toll free … 1-866-968-3646.